Today in Paris, follow me

Today, I am going to take you to work with me.
I am usually awake by 7:30ish before the alarm. The light filters through the windows which are always open.

My first thought “shit I’m late” I don’t have a clock in my room and refuse to purchase all the comforts of home to haul around for the next several months.
I will spare you the am routine. Its just get ready get some “joe” and go!!
I am off! Two blocks, two sets of main stairs and I am on the Metro.
Okay a little Metro history, The first Metro was Linge 1. It was opened in 1900. It was the first mass transit of it’s time and history making.
Ligne 1 is now fully automated. The first ligne to be this way. They claim safer, more reliable transportation. My experience is it nicer, air conditioned (yippee) as well as a smoother ride not so jerky starting & stopping.
A note about riding – Somethings are universal. I think they just are and getting out of you seat for an old lady. That is the same as home.
Sometimes the train is soooo crowded you feel like a sardine in a can! It cam smell like a powdered parfumed cam of fish as well! I find that really hard seeing as I am used to wide open spaces. Today is not so, another reason for a little dose of gratitude.
Another trick is getting out of the Metro. Much like a maze for rats finding the exact proper exit may save you crossing the street. Today we won!! All the correct trains & exits!!! At work in less than thirty minutes! Not so if you start on the wrong train or the right train in the wrong direction. Fatigue often plays a big part of the metro. As does the appropriate amount of “joe”!!
Okay, it is now 11:30! I have checked in, meet with the business manager, gotten some direction, mistakenly got caught by both Mr & Mrs!!! Darn my list has 11 things, 1 is completed 1 is partially done, next on to the 2 urgent ones! Underpants and vitamins! Yes I said underpants… You can never have enough or the right kind.
So on my way to Bon Marche translated loosely. The good market. As jeffrey drives I will eat my snack/breakfast.
Bon Marche errand DONE. So by the store is a history lesson. This is the Hotel Luetta. This is a WWII lesson, an ugly one. This beautiful building is where the 3rd reich made it’s home. The entered the hotel shooting the Jewish guests and anyone who questioned them or for sport. They threw their belongs from the windows. Hitlers office as well as his home was here. The staff was shot if they disobeyed but, were expected to continues as if these men were welcome guests! I imagine how much I am misunderstood. Think being misunderstood could cost you your life! The hotel has plaques through out dedicated to some of the folks who lost their lives. This neighborhood is known for L’ Resistance ( I know I didn’t spell this properly!! ) And the rumors of the small streets which many people were murdered for helping L’Ressitance.
I was just going for underwear, that is what I got as well as 15 pair of tighty whiteys. Who’d have thought.
So it on to get birthday cards. The English book store W.H. Smith is just the place. On Rue Rivoli. Home to the Louve as wellas the famous garden Tullierre (another spelling thing)Someone forget to bring them, then forgot to ship them so I am off to find American birthday cards. Done!
Okay some more history from the car, July 14th Bastille Day like American 4th of July. The have parades etc. They hang a large French flag “L’ Tre Colour” at the center of the Arch Trioumphe! They are getting ready for this party it is like the Macy’s parade, Rose parade & fourth of July all rolled into one. Big! Big! Big! I have seen it in the past. A amazing sight, beautiful. They are patriotic here like we are at home.
Ah it is now 3pm we have finished one list and started another. My 11 items became 17
I have added about 6 more. I told jeffrey (today’s driver) @ about 2:30 If you don’t feed me soon I will get cranky. Bag of sushi to go from Sushi Planet. They have Nutella sushi, Really?? We are off to met Christine. She optimizes everything Americans perceive about French bathing habits!!! She must have pissed off the boss if she is with me! Ha I get to straighten out the rejects. If you (historically) are sent to work with or help me it because I am the last stop before the door!!! I am in luck she is not there. Of to the florist. I called the hotel concierge with this ginormous request. They said to fax it. Really? We have the penthouse so to speak. Forget them. Reminder to call head of guest service to issue spanking, Monday. Yes I can be a bit of a _____ (enter adjective of your choice) florist, Ha she is a half pint old angry french lady. Annoyed by my American presence. To quickly undo our bad start. Call in the driver. In French he explains. I want half the shop in a spectacularly huge vase NOW!!! Money is no object. Otherwise known as. I will pay! And pay I do. The arrangement is a 18 inch tall round vase full of pink roses, hydrangeas, pink and green, pale pink, some lavender thingies which come to a very grand total. Ashamingly expensive. Could have paid my mortgage! Ha. So we are off to run some more to the famous puzzle that is 406!!! My specialty is luggage. I know luggage? Yes luggage. Grab 2 bags then to the hotel. Back to running a few more items off the list. Then we ad a few…. Pick you the flowers. They are so heavy I can’t carry them. Loaded I jump in the trunk of the van to hold them. We drive 5 mph to the hotel. The doorman opens the side door sees me in the boot & shakes his head!! Approved by the business manager they are delivered & sent to storage for tomorrows party!!! Two thumbs up!!
Okay coloring books and an eraser. Off and running again or still.
Delivered, let’s get the BM to her hotel we moved her today. Delivered! The list is getting shorter!

So it is now 7pm. Just dropped the business manager off. She is off work. I have 3 tasks left, 2 to roll over until tomorrow. Call the cake lady off to the bakery. She says were good no need to drive across Paris at rush hour. Ahhh ca bonne! I am off. Dinner plans confirmed. I head home. I walk the mall 6 blocks to the house unwinding as I go window shopping. Reminding myself I have a boy a year from college. I pass in the goodies. Tried a really great Pepe Jeans belt. Its to small. Really cool but someone has my back. No shopping today.
It is about time for the CPA back home to get busy. Field a dozen of so USA e-mails. Good morning my friends you are awake!!! Business is starting as I reach the apartment & peel of my black and whites to melt into the sofa.
Ah dinner, the call get in gear, dress, touch up the make up. She’s here. I have several people I take direction from. This one is client liaison in charge of construction. When at home we work together a lot. Italian yum! Great dinner. She buys even better. Nice adult women talk. Stick her in a taxi. I am free. Nope. The phone starts going. The bag I brought Doesn’t contain Mr’s suit he needs for tomorrow. 16 thousand calls. Okay. First on the list tomorrow. 1000 more calls, dog papers? Dog food! The ex ugh!! I am finished. Up the street for ice cream it’s 11pm my day is finally mine. Opps not yet another e-mail. Birthday cake lady double checking name spelling.
Ahh ice cream ” my french friends. At the disco.
That’s my day I will be home about 1 am for some ironing fb and sleep.
Hope you enjoyed my day!!!

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I enjoy art of any kind. I was raised with a father that built anything from fly rods to a room addition and a mother with a heart for art. Drawing, sewing and painting was a part of growing up. I have studied jewelery making, pottery and taken several art classes at local colleges where ever I have lived. I started scrapbooking in 2005. I have fallen in love with paper first, then mixed media, painting, collage and all garbage you can glue. In the last year and think I have found my heart.
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  1. scott0320 says:

    I’m tired just reading it! I don’t think I’ve ever done that much in one day. Much respect to you.

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