Inspiration, many shapes, sizes, times and places. I don’t pick where I get or when it comes. It not like pulling a trigger. Some days I am more in tune than others. Lately I have been hyper sensitive to my inspirational thoughts and ideas. I like it. I believe I am more in tune when I am at balance spiritually, mentally & physically. When I am not fighting the flow of the river.

Today was an extremely prolific day for me. I collated three canvases and they are ready for paint & ink.


The inspiration I believe is a two fold on this one. First it’s spring. There are flowers everywhere. Gorgeous beautiful flowers, it doesn’t really matter if they are in the wild like the California poppies on the side of the road or the carefully place tulips in a millionaires flower bed. From here to there and everything in between we are in bloom.

I am loving spring this year. The rebirth of mother nature. An awakening, I could very easily be a bear. Listen, glutonously eat from summer to fall, sleep safe & warm all winter, then awaken with the spring! Then play with fish and eat the next 9 months away. Amen! I don’t much like winter anyways. It’s over rated & cold.

so here’s to spring the beauty and inspiration she brings….. I am off to paint

About Kim

I enjoy art of any kind. I was raised with a father that built anything from fly rods to a room addition and a mother with a heart for art. Drawing, sewing and painting was a part of growing up. I have studied jewelery making, pottery and taken several art classes at local colleges where ever I have lived. I started scrapbooking in 2005. I have fallen in love with paper first, then mixed media, painting, collage and all garbage you can glue. In the last year and think I have found my heart.
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2 Responses to Inspiration…………..

  1. julie says:

    Sound like someones got a little spring fever…fantastic! Canvas look great…especially like the colors. Loving bluesy greens these days…
    Have a great weekend! Julie

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