Gate 25

Today I arrived at Oakland airport. I have arrived here many times before frustrated just like I feel today. It is a wet weather day. Rain Cold and windy. Not so typical for Oakland. It means no work. What was a 2 day job has turned into nothing.
On my way through the terminal trying to decide if I am just going to jump back on a plane and head back down south. I pass this artwork. I have passed it many many times in the last 3 years of commuting to the bay area. I usually am not very fond of it to say the least. They have the technique and artist photos on the wall next to these windows. I have read it I have not been impressed. Arrogant and selfish of me I believe today. What an honor to have a large installation of your work so prominently displayed. Still I remained less than interested. It’s dripping. Really? I am just whining, I get this way sometimes. Oh wait they use tools to make the drips. It’s a technique. Really? I am such an ass with my ultra critical attitude. Then it happens, As if I am smacked I know I need it! By the big art critic in the sky. Smacked right across my arrogant self-centered great artist attitude (ha ha ha) .
For those of you that may not know me, I suffer from a terminal fatal disease of perception. Untreated It can ruin me in short order. The opinion of this piece of art is just a symptom that my perception is skewed and out of spiritual adjustment. Hence the necessary smack. Who ever issued it, a quick Thank You!
So as I am walking down the corridor by the dripping crane window glass art with my crappy opinion, the people mover is broken So it is a long walk. I see it, like it is for the first time. The cloudy, wet, rainy Oakland sky behind with the soft grey light that only this type of weather can produce.
I decide that it in infinitely great!! It beats the alternative.
Well, the failure of this whole thing is I have no credits to the artist. Forgive me if I ever get to be this successful… let some poor starving struggling artist blog my work & forget who I am….

About Kim

I enjoy art of any kind. I was raised with a father that built anything from fly rods to a room addition and a mother with a heart for art. Drawing, sewing and painting was a part of growing up. I have studied jewelery making, pottery and taken several art classes at local colleges where ever I have lived. I started scrapbooking in 2005. I have fallen in love with paper first, then mixed media, painting, collage and all garbage you can glue. In the last year and think I have found my heart.
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