Creative block – Eat Baked potato, walk the dogs & have sex

Okay so I haven’t painted in a while. The thought of moving the whole studio. The re-designing of a much smaller space just seems so daunting. Not to mention it will be extremely pleasing to my ex. So that also makes it undesirable! I know not nice but surprise I am not always nice.
So I haven’t been working in art no flow. No ideas. I don’t know if it is creative block or a busy life. I haven’t made anytime for art or cultivated that part of me.
Well, in waiting today (which is a hurry up and wait, red light green light kinda day) I started skimming my book marks. Under “blogs I like” I found a gem which lead me to this gem

The ideas are basically for graphic artists…

I don’t believe it matters what kind of creative you are, I agree with the idea that everyone is creative and that some of us just need to express it more than others..

I hope this helps me. As I am off to walk the dogs each a baked potato and have sex!

Good luck!

Free – Butterfly

In response to my sisters lovely blog . She has a great thing. It’s called Creative Prompt Project .

It is a really cool deal. I don’t participate as much as I would like. Sloth mostly. Busy as well. But TODAY I have a piece of art that has yet to be displayed anywhere but my facebook (you can go like my page from the link) wall. I moved it around in my living room to the dining room last night. Funny how the little spinning ball of blue we live on works!

So in response to Butterfly. I present you with FREE….

This piece is a representation of the journey I am on this year. Butterflies always have symbolized freedom to me. I do not know if it is the gracefulness. The fact that they fly or just the beauty and fragile state in which I view them.


Brave Girls

I have to say that this is what has flowed out today in response to the Brave Girls post. I really like their daily posts. It reminds me to post. I think I am getting better at posting on a more regular basis

This post hits close to home for me. This week is the 5 year anniversary of my Aunt being diagnosed with terminal cancer. As I am raising her son who is also having a birthday.So It has brought the lingering memories to the fore front of our lives.

As if that wasn’t enough, The recent execution of the gentleman from Georgia’s death row opens up all types of controversies. Some among friends some in the public media, others just on my facebook wall.

Well, I have personal feelings about the death penalty. I have walked a road that few actually to many may walk in their life times. Back many years ago my very best friend was murdered in a manner to horrific to describe. The process from the first day she was stalked to today has been a long unbelievable journey. Not only for me but for her family, friends and community.

So, as I go back to look at my comment on the Brave girl site of comments……………It is gone.

Maybe just maybe It was for me to hear, to type, to remember. I know that my story of loss, pain, courage and most of all perseverance has helped a few that have had the misfortune of walking this path. I know that giving to them my story, my hope, my support has benefited me in ways that are indescribable and that I don’t fully understand.

I know I don’t get to pick the path or the people or the lessons, I am just grateful my eyes are open to be able to see them.