Today I removed a jar of Golden Coarse Molding Paste from the box. I haven’t felt very inspired this week to say the least. Life seems to be weighing on me.
So on my break from work I ended up at the San Francisco North Beach branch of the public library.
I was able to have a library card, Since I live in California. Yeah me! I went to the art section of this very small branch. They had less than a shelf of art books. Sad was my initial thought. Then hiding there a book I have wanted to ready “Collage Lab” oh YIPPEE HURRAY!!!! I own Drawing Lab and use it to prompt my journaling along with Journaling Bliss. Then I went and sat in the park to enjoy the rare warm of the Northern California sunshine. Yes, I got to read, lay in the sun & cultivate vitamin D, I think being a So Cal girl, I need certain allocation of sunshine for my happiness.
Needless to say nothing in the book jumped out and struck me in the few short minutes I flipped through it. Not to say I didn’t enjoy it. As it is simple, (great thing) easy to read, formatted nicely and has a ton of great ideas! I believe it is well illustrated and may be a great bump start when I am ebbing instead of flowing creatively.
But, the combination of sunshine, sports car (mini Cooper OH YA!!) and a book I have been long to read/buy. ( I don’t really need anymore in my art library ) Well it’s just what the doctor ordered.

When I returned from the, library, park and sprinting around doing errands. I pulled out the small jar of molding paste, my bag of junk that I use for texture and design while painting. I whipped it up. I now have 13 Yes count ‘em 13 canvases smeared, stenciled, stamped & musher up with some paste!
AHHHH, art my loyal friend you and sunshine make me smile.





This is a new piece I made this week. I believe it corresponds to the e-course I am taking from Kelly Rae Roberts. It is about your art business and doing your best to create an successful online presence. So ‘Evolve’ is a true statement for my art as i use it to try to create a business and correlation with my passion.



So the last two weeks have provided a lot of great time create. I packed a small pack of supplies for my trip to San Francisco. There is also a great art store here called Flax.
If I spend to much time in this store I can go to the poor house. It has a great paint selection. The Paper section is fit for a paper addict. I have had a quick trip there this week. I gave myself 15 minutes which was perfect to get exactly what I need a few extras and keep me fiscally in the black.

So I purchased some canvas in board not stretched. They’re so much easier to collage. So this week has been prolific to say the least.

I also went to A Work of Heart. They have open studios. It a treasure trove!!! As well as the home of the 1000 House project. It is Andrea’s personal challenge. She is so wonderful. The interactions with her are always ahh inspiring and proof that nothing ever happens by mistake.
Check back to her website/blog to see the great new surprises that are in the works! I am in the know but can’t tell! I promise it’s great & exciting. She is one of my creative /artist/ woman in busines heroes!!!! She is living the dream and so deserves it.

So now about my art. I made 8 large canvases 10 inch by 10 inch and 4 smaller ones this week. They all have a story of a thought attached. I will posted more of each later.








soar girlie soar

I have signed up & am participating in the e-course by Kelly Rae Roberts (no links from the ipad2 Google it & get over it) We are talking about a creative biznezz…. Fear seems to be the topic fro yesterday & two inspiring videos today. I have been painting a lot the last two weeks. Discussing ideas for marketing them like my sister does ( and have been a lazy post-er here.
So here a few of my new pieces collage, paint,pastels & paper. Not necessarily in that order.

Ah Ha ipad can’t link the images OH thank you Apple More to com